Amplitube Patches


Order patches for the IK Multimedia AmpliTube IRig 2 IOS mobile apps.

Please note custom patches unavailable from 4th October until 12th October , as I will be away, any custom orders made during this time will be looked at when I’m back.

Welcome to my IK Multimedia AmpliTube IRig2 mobile app tone shop! here is where I can help you try and replicate that tone you love for IOS Amplitube. Please note that although some of the same amps are also available in the desktop versions, what I do here is for the IOS versions only.

I can create closely matched tones for you from scratch for very reasonable prices.


demos here!


Settings for the IRig 2 mobile app, i will complete the order by emailing you screenshots for the patch created to dial into your app.

Please note although I can play bass, I am just offering guitar tones here as I don’t currently own a bass guitar!

For a tone made to order pay with a PayPal purchase below , then email me [email protected] with what you need.

Amplitube amp and fx packs i have.

Amplitube Lead, Vint Metal Lead, Clean, Crunch, Metal, Metal 150, Metal W
Fender Twin Reverb, Super Sonic, Pro Junior, Bassman, Deluxe Reverb, 53 Bassman, 65 Super Reverb, 57 Bandmaster, 57 Custom Champ, 57 Custom Deluxe, 57 Custom Pro, 57 Custom Twin
Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifer, Triple Rectifer, TA-30, Mark 3, Mark 4,
Orange AD200, AD30, OR50, Rockerverb 50, Thunderverb 200, Tiny Terror, Dual Terror
Engl Powerball, E650
Soldano SLO100
Slash AFD100, JCM Slash
Jimi Hendrix JH Dual, JH Gold
Joe Satriani Satch VM, SJ50, Boston 100
Marshall Brit 9000, Brit Silver, Red Pig, Brit Valve Pre
Brian May BM 30, BM DK
Carvin V3M
Z Dr ZZ Wreck
Dimebag Darrell 100, Jazz Amp 120CFH
Jet City Jet City 100H

Amplitube Delay, Noise Filter, Crusher, D Comp, Feedback, Phazer10, Chorus, Wah, Flanger, Octave, Env Filter, Phazer, Fuzz, Overdrive, Distortion,Swell, Compressor, Limiter, Reverb, Parametric EQ, Graphic EQ, Big Pig, Metal Distortion, Wharmonator, X Flanger, M Booster, Sustainer, Surfer, Obsession, Wah, Electric Flanger,Acoustic Simulator
Fender Blender, Overdrive, Tape Echo, Phaser, Compressor
TRex Moller
Slash Gate, Wah Dist, Octo Blue, Booster, X Chorus, /Delay
Jimi Hendrix Fuzz Age, Octa V , Uni V, Wah 46
Orange Echo Trip, Highway Drive,The Shaker
Joe Satriani Satch Wah, Satch Distortion, Satch Overdrive, Tube Overdrive, Satch Octave
Brian May Treble Booster, Red Special

Full Microphone Bundle

Small orders are often produced within 72 hours, large orders may take longer or if I have many custom orders received at once. I will always give you a timescale the day you make the order or enquiry.