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Here is my current range of Boss GT-1000 products. Get expertly made tone packs for this amazing flagship product.Payment via Paypal.
TSL file via Instant Download link on purchase.
Don’t have Paypal? Just select check out as a guest instead of a Paypal login to pay with your debit or credit card manually instead (but still using the secure Paypal system)

Please note my patches are made to reflect a whole signal chain, simulating the full preamp, power amp and speaker, if you are using into an amp, you will need to turn off cabinet emulation and also check the output select matches what you are playing through for the best results. I use the Boss stock IRs in all my presets.

1. Download your TSL attachment from the purchase email (don’t open the TSL download file yet, as it’s only recognised in Tone Studio)
2. Save to the Desktop of your computer (or somewhere you can easily access files). Downloads will go into your PC download section.
3. Ensure unit is connected to your computer via USB and switched on.
4. Open Boss Tone Studio.
5. Press Import at the top of Tone Studio, to import the tones (find the file you’ve just saved and select it)
6. If you double click on a patch on the screen, you can try it there and then. If you want it in your unit, just click and drag over to where you want it to be stored.

Please note If there is ever a patch that doesn’t seem to have sound but the settings are there, this can seem to happen with patches made with GT-1000 being used in GT-1000 Core just go to the foot volume FV block and ensure pedal position and volume max turned to 100, then should be ok.I don’t own any of the music I am attempting to replicate the guitar sounds for, just a helping hand to make your guitar sound a bit closer to the music you love. Music from these artists is available to buy anywhere records are sold.

Each patch often includes add ons and assigns, to help with guitar solos and effects variations. Sometimes a song guitar tone is replicated by more than one patch where I feel it is appropriate, and for ease of use while playing.
If it doesn’t let you download, just message me via Contact Us page and I can re-upload and send manually via email within 24 hours.



and here’s some help with using Tone Studio

Check out my Boss Tone Exchange page here, more soon!

Need Tone Studio for your PC or Mac? Or need the latest version? Don’t forget drivers may be needed too, they are also on the page, as well as the latest software for the unit with all the latest amps and effects.

Software links below, with instructions on how to download and update. Please remember GT-1000 and GT-1000 have separate system programs but both you the same Tone Studio as patches can be used and shared with both units and are completely compatible. The latest software with all the updates and latest amps and effects also here.

Boss GT-1000

Boss GT-1000 Core

Owners Manuals (the parameter guides are especially handy to really get under the bonnet of these units and understand)

Boss GT-1000

Boss GT-1000 Core