BOSS Katana Patches

Buy Pre-Made BOSS Katana 50/100 Patches

  • Features
  • Wide range of bands and artists
  • Supplied in TSL format
  • KATANA RANGE CURRENTLY BEING AMENDED TO BE RELAUNCED authentic accurate and inspiring tones for your Katana 50 or 100 to help you get started! More products coming in 2020!
  • Free support and advice

Payment via Paypal in GBP.

1. download attachment from the purchase email (don’t open download yet as its only recognised in Tone Studio)
2. save to desktop of computer(or somewhere you can easily access files) downloads will go into your PC download section.
3. ensure unit connected to a computer via USB and switched on.
4. Open Boss Tone Studio.
5. Press Import at the top of Tone Studio to Import the tones (find the file you’ve just saved and choose it)
6. if you double click on a patch on the screen you can try it there and then, if you want it in your unit, just click and drag over to where you want it to be stored.

Find the latest Katana Tone Studio support here

I don’t own any of the music i am attempting to replicate the guitar sounds for, just a helping hand to make your guitar sound a bit closer to the music you love. Music from these artists is available to buy anywhere records are sold.

BOSS Katana 50/100 Patches

“Nothing more inspiring than having some guitar tones similar to some of your favourite guitarists,songs and albums, i love sounding like my heroes as much as you do! All my own work, created from scratch. Don’t see what you need? Custom Shop available here!”

  • Tonegarage Iconic Amps pack for Boss Katana Mk2

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  • Tonegarage Rocks Live pack for Boss Katana Mk2

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  • Three Custom Patches for Boss Katana

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  • Six Custom Patches for Boss Katana

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