BOSS Custom Patches

Order custom patches for the Boss GT-1000, Katana patches coming back too in July 2020

If you don’t see what you want within my artist packs, here is where i can help you try and replicate that tone you love. Available for the flagship unit, the wonderful Boss GT-1000 and also..Katana new products and customs planned to return later in July 2020.

i can create closely matched tones for you from scratch. Buy for a fantastic price of three for £12.99 or even more if you need them! Larger orders welcome and include extra discount the more you buy!

Give us the band and song, we’ll try make the sound as close as possible! I will try my hand at anything I can even produce a whole setlist for you, just enquire with what you need!
Small orders usually produced within 72 hours, large orders may take longer or if i have many orders received at once. I will always give you a timescale the day you make the order or enquiry.

Payment via Paypal. TSL file will be created from scratch and sent by email, so you can save and import into your unit via USB.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR IMPORTING TSL SETTINGS VIA USB attachment from the purchase email (don’t open download yet as its only recognised in Tone Studio)
2. save to desktop of computer(or somewhere you can easily access files) downloads will go into your PC download section.
3. ensure unit connected to computer via USB and switched on.
4. Open Boss Tone Studio.
5. Press Import at the top of Tone Studio to Import the tones (find the file you’ve just saved and choose it)
6. if you double click on a patch on the screen you can try it there and then, if you want it in your unit, just click and drag over to where you want it to be stored.

“I will literally try any guitar tone you would like me to create.Just ask for what you need. All my own work, created from scratch to order.”

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    Three Custom Patches for GT-1000

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    Six Custom Patches for GT-1000

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    Twelve Custom Patches for GT-1000

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