Line 6 Helix Patches


Helix Floor arriving in May 2021, so lots more to come for this amazing flagship!

Here is a small but cool selection of Helix presets made during a free trial of Helix Native, with my Pod Go settings transposed and tweaked, to help you on your way with this wonderful piece of kit.

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These presets are produced with speaker simulation included so if you are using into an amp turn the speaker section off , and you may want to switch to preamp only if you are using the amps power section, some love it on the amp sim, if you are using FRFR speakers or playing direct the pc or mixer then of course you are ready to go, whichever you prefer! As produced on Helix Native there aren’t any pedal assigns, but you can quickly choose which you want to assign effects to, and i haven’t used snapshots here as the tones are simple in structure for classic songs.


Check out what I can do at my Youtube page here

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  • Tonegarage Line 6 Helix Pink Floyd Collection

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    Tonegarage Line 6 Helix Iconic Tones Collection

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  • Tonegarage Line 6 Helix Hair Rock Tones Collection

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I don’t own any of the music I am attempting to replicate the guitar sounds for, just a helping hand to make your guitar sound a bit closer to the music you love. Music from these artists is available to buy anywhere records are sold.