Overloud THU Patches

Order patches for Overloud THU IOS mobile apps and desktop plugin software .


Welcome to my Overloud THU tone shop! here is where I can help you try and replicate that tone you love for Overloud THU.

Please note that I create with the THU mobile app ,however the same amps are also available in the desktop versions, I send these customs as either files you can import into your app version or screenshots you can use to key into your desktop version.

I can create closely matched tones for you from scratch for very reasonable prices.


check out what I can do with Youtube demos here!


Please note although I can play bass, I am just offering guitar tones here as I don’t currently own a bass guitar!

For a tone made to order pay with a PayPal purchase below , then email me [email protected] with what you need.

Small orders are often produced within 72 hours, large orders may take longer or if I have many custom orders received at once. I will always give you a timescale the day you make the order or enquiry.message me in the contact us page here with your custom needs and I will message you back within 24 hours! I accept PayPal for tone orders.

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