Tonegarage Mesa Boogie tone collection for the Boss GT-1000

6 Pack – 70s boogie, Mesa Petrucci Live, Mesa fusion, Dave Growl, Mesa 112 clean, Mesa metal




6 Pack – Mesa Boogie amp style collection for GT-1000, contains 6 patches

70s Boogie
based on the sound of a vintage Mesa Boogie early combo, great for 70s rock
Mesa Petrucci Live
based on a Live John Petrucci tone with high gain and an added solo channel,smooth and powerful
Mesa fusion
based on a Boogie combo when used in a jazz rock context, plenty of sustain and clear smooth tone, great for blues playing too
Dave Growl
a powerful rock sound Foos style but not with too much gain takes chords well and cleans up nicely with volume control
Mesa 112 clean
because they can do very clean too! based on a full clean tone of a Boutique Mesa combo, great warm tone but projects very well and never gets mushy
Mesa Metal
Super high gain and enhanced eq, a fantastic powerful tone with great harmonics, very addictive!

listen to a sample here

Supplied via TSL file via Instant Download after purchase. You will need GT-1000 Tone Studio to receive and import the tones we provide. (Don’t have Tone Studio and want written settings instead? Just ask via our Contact Us page)

Mesa Boogie amps, logos and Mesa Boogie product names are trademarks of Mesa Boogie Amplification, these are my interpretations of those styles of amplifier sounds.