Customer Feedback
Reviews from our happy customers, from my Facebook page with universal 5 star reviews! Making me love what i do even more, i am learning more and more all the time about these wonderful units. nearly 30 years playing and teaching experience with a really friendly nature. I love sounding great just like do and put my heart and soul into Tonegarage! The wonderful comments and feedback make it even more worthwhile!

“Great tones, personal professional and fast service !!!”

from Ross B

“Rob’s tones are fantastic and very easy to dial into the GT100. He is always quick to respond to orders and
has incredibly helpful with any queries I have had. Highly recommend!”

from Simon J

“Easy fast service. Good effective tones that exploit the me-80’s potential!!”

from Graham P

“Rob’s tone are incredible. He gives explanation if need and share his expérience. I highly recommand.”

from Faouzi D

“Quality tone, right on the spot!”

from Alexandre D

“Very Professional Works! Works very hard on each individual tone! Has great sound effects!”

from Diego C

Our Patch Samples
From our Youtube channel

Gary Moore – Boss GT-100

Joe Satriani – Boss GT-100

AC/DC Back In Black – Boss GT-1000

The Shadows Apache – Boss GT-1000

Van Halen – Boss GT-1000

Deep Purple – Boss ME-80

Metallica – Boss ME-80

Steve Vai For The Love Of God – Boss GT-100