Tonegarage Line 6 Pod Go Starter Pack Cleans

a selection of cool and inspiring clean tones to get started with your Pod Go




you buy a multi effects and although factory presets can be impressive, sometimes you just want some great template tones to build patches from and just get on with playing!

so here you are!

a selection of my clean tones especially made for your Pod Go, which sound awesome and really get you started with clean tones for this fantastic piece of kit! A great template for presets of your own too

here is what is in this pack! Seven inspiring and super useful tones

Jay C and CE1

a classic JC120 and chorus style 70s and early 80s patch with that iconic sound, also has a vintage analog delay model too to further enhance the sound

Power Balladry

here is where the chorus gets very lush, perfect with single coils, really captures that layered chorus sound, for rock ballads and classic pop, even metallic quiet moments!

Warm and Blue

my lovely and inspiring Fender blues tone, cuts through but never harsh and always warm and addictive, with a boost too available

To The Nile

my take on that 70s and 80s disco tone, with an add on chorus and nice squishy compressions.

Whos That

that 60s rock tone.


just add a Rickenbacker or Gretsch and a bowl of scouse.

1970s Gold

my tone for that classic Marshall Plexi drive, also takes you “in rock”


a surprise eighth clean tone enclosed as well which you will also find very handy!

listen to some demos here!

Supplied with instant download links after purchase, you will need Pod Go Edit to import and play these tones