Tonegarage Line 6 Pod Go Starter Pack Rock

a selection of 10 cool rock tones for your Pod Go, a great template to create your own as well.




you buy a multi effects and although factory presets can be impressive, sometimes you just want some great template tones to build patches from and just get on with playing!

so here you are!

a selection of my rock tones especially made for your Pod Go, which sound awesome and really get you started with clean tones for this fantastic piece of kit! A great template for presets of your own too

here is what is in this pack! Ten inspiring and super useful tones

1987 800

a classic JCM800  80s rock and heavy metal patch with that iconic sound, also has a nice drive boost and delay model too to further enhance solos

Sunset Strippers

a cool tone for hair rock, just add hairspray and a pointy bright coloured guitar, you may not get in unless you are wearing a Floyd Rose..

MP One

my tone for that high gain american rock preamp, loved by Paul, Nuno,Vito and others

Classic Rocks

my tone for that Marshall 70s rock vibe, think JMP Master Volume, with a nice drive boost for guitar solos and that orange phaser to complement the time and those albums around then

Quo Oh

my take on the sound of Francis and Rick, also great for any vintage rock


a cranked Vox is perfect for rock, and i’m a big Queen fan so this makes a great vintage tone for Queen songs as well, with a vintage chorus pedal included that is loved by Brian

Carlos Sustains

that hi gain Boogie sound, singing and soulful, perfect with humbuckers, especially the neck pickup, but nice with strats too when youre after that late 80s Eric C vibe

86 Puppet Show

my tone for that iconic thrash masterpiece

91 Rack System

fridges of flashing lights.. lots of squealy gain, and delays and choruses set to 11, perfect for instrumental rock and showing off

Pricey Plexi

my tone for those expensive plexi style boutique amps, with an extra boost too, lots of tasty tone, very valve like and versatile

listen to some demos here!


Supplied with instant download links after purchase, you will need Pod Go Edit to import and play these tones