ToneGarage using the Boss GT-100 as a pedalboard

the GT-100 also makes a fantastic pedalboard for effects only!

a selection of individual Boss effects pedal models for those who like to use the GT-100 for individual effects without the preamp, or to build pedal settings into their presets.




two presets each containing separate effects pedals, for those that wish to use their Boss GT-100 as a really nice sounding pedalboard without the preamps, switch into manual mode and have your own pedalboard with some great settings already created for you, saving you lots of time, and pedal settings that will fit many genres and styles.

here is what you get included and to which pedal each effect is assigned.


Bank Down, FX1, Phaser, a warm vintage style phaser like the iconic MXR pedal
Bank Up, Acoustic Guitar Sim, a great setting to mimic an acoustic, ideal for recording or live use
Pedal 1, T Scream, a light TS style overdrive, great for light bluesy playing or even better to boost an already driven rock sound to make it sing for solos
Pedal 2, Chorus, a setting to mimic the classic CE-1 Chorus Ensemble
Pedal 3, Analog Delay, 340ms delay based on the vintage DM-2 pedal, really nice delay tone with so many uses
Pedal 4, Reverb, Plate delay with a medium setting, ideal to compliment any clean or drive sound without being over the top, very useful setting
Phrase Loop, set to guitar tuner
Accel/Ctl, Cry Wah, turns crybaby style wah on and off


Bank Down, Flanger, a great flange sound which tames the wild nature of Boss Flangers to a really useable modulation that works equally well with clean or drive tones
Bank Up, Overtone, a rock organ style keyboard sound, much like Jon Lord Of Deep Purple, very addictive tone!
Pedal 1, Comp, Light compression model, ideal of either clean or drive sounds, helps you use compressor subtly without overcooking the sound you already have, tightens up clean sounds or makes drive sound even fuller and sustain well
Pedal 2, Distortion, based on the Boss DS-1, light distortion with many applications
Pedal 3, Delay, 425ms, a longer delay than the previous patch, great for ballads , big drive solos and lush clean tones
Pedal 4, Reverb, Hall 2, a deeper reverb setting more suited to vintage sounds and also to mimic a live recorded guitar tone
Phrase Loop, guitar tuner
Accel/Ctl, Whammy, one octave higher whammy style setting

The idea of these patches is to have individual effects that you can use to build into your own presets or use the GT-100 as an effects only pedalboard. Turn on the preamp section in each to also build into a full rig patch.You can use these presets as a template to build into any brand new patch you wish you create as well!

Please note there isn’t any 4 cable method settings in here, the idea is of just a row of individual effects, much like a separate pedalboard of effects only. You get all you need in one preset with the chance to turn each effect on and off with a single tap.

Supplied via TSL file via Instant Download after purchase. You will need GT-100 Tone Studio to receive and import the tones we provide.